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Whether it’s product development or process enhancement, every division of Shakespeare delivers on the same promises so every customer can experience the same confidence.

Polymers & Filaments

Custom solutions essential to the most reliable products 

Since originally manufacturing polyamides in the 1960s, the company’s strategy evolved to develop a polymer business platform serving the needs of both internal and external polymer demands. Now, more than fifty years later, Shakespeare has the expertise and R&D capabilities essential to problem-solving clients’ needs across markets, manufacturing those solutions, and delivering best-in-class service.

Areas of expertise: 
Performance Monofilaments, Engineered Nylons, Conductive Fibers

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Lawn & Garden

Durable lawn trimming solutions to get the job done right

Applying more than a hundred years of material science expertise, Shakespeare provides durable and dependable universal fit trimmer accessories for selective lawn care enthusiasts.

Areas of expertise: 
Universal Trimmer Line & Heads, OEM Trimmer Accessories

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Marine Electronics

Reliable antennas and communication systems

Utilizing decades of research and development, Shakespeare manufactures marine electronics and accessories that deliver effective connectivity wherever and whenever you need it. Shakespeare products are built to last and withstand harsh marine environments while delivering solid performance.

Areas of expertise: 
Antennas & Antenna Accessories, Cellular & Wi-Fi Products, VHF, TV, AM/FM, SiriusXM Antennas

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Military Electronics

High-performance antennas and communication solutions

Shakespeare designs reliable communication solutions essential for the battlefield. Using applied science, we promise our customers uncompromised quality and performance during their mission-critical transmissions.

Areas of expertise: 
HF, VHF, UHF, & SHF Antennas, Communication Systems, Mast Systems

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